Influencers Dinner, Sales and ROAS skyrocket with new urban campaign targeting urban audience

Monster Cable approached Digital Mind State to promote Monster® 24k™ headphone to influencers. Digital Mind State created a major opportunity for the brand by hosting an intimate dinner with some of Atlanta’s biggest influencers with the focus of showcasing the brands audio superiority in an organic like fashion.  As a result, the holiday campaign delivered more than $20 ROAS. Monster Cable increased market share by 142 basis points over the holiday time frame and influenced 14% of total Target sales, producing a 4.27% sales lift.

$20+ ROAS

Interscope Records

Interscope Record Taps Club Droid Mobile App, thanks to first-party segmentation

Interscope Records enlisted Digital Mind States to launch Club Droid mobile app to promote exclusive Interscope Records album release parties, music showcase and artist meet-and-greets with fans for Grammy Winner Mary J Blige, Keri Hilson, Soulja Boy and Lloyd. Club Droid helped drive sales for these artists. Using Digital Mind State’s first-party data and segmentation, Club Droid promoted each album and increased sales and data. Interscope Records remains a twenty-year partner.

$2.6+ ROAS

Tateo Tequila®

Tech This Out ‘Live’ data powers sales for the brand

When Teteo Tequila launched with Digital Mind State to drive brand awareness and sales among potential customers. Using first-party data, Digital Mind State identified a new target audience. Next, Digital Mind State positioned Teteo Tequila as the official drink for podcast show Tech This This Out “Live” This data-driven approach powered a $3.27 ROAS and an 5.51% sales lift. 

$3.27+ ROAS

FUBU Coogi®

Mobile Marketing Campaign Claims 10% of Sales

During the critical holiday shopping season, Coogi Clothing wanted to position its brand as both as athe luxury and “go to” brand. Coogi ran multiple different digital mobile ads using first-party data and contextual targeting to ensure they reached the right consumers. This approach delivered creatively effective, personalized ads on brand-positive sites. With Digital Mind State we drove a media-influenced Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), landing the Coogi brands on Santa’s Nice List.

$2.70+ ROAS


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