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Digital Mind State is a multi-dimensional strategic agency that continues to disrupt technology and all aspects of culture. We are rebelliously creative and innovative with our approach to creating solutions for the brands we serve. In a data driven world, we live and breathe results. If an ideal doesn’t move at scale or move customers to purchase, we are not interested. Digital Mind State is at the forefront of ushering brands into a web (X) world, connecting people x brands x culture.

See Tomorrow, Be Prepared


We create real world experiences that link blockchain technology and business processes across the entire blockchain journey to deliver meaningful solutions to our clients.

Asset Tokenization

  • Physical & Digital Assets
  • Security Tokens
  •  NFTs
  •  Marketplace

Corporate Solutions

  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Government
  • Education
  • Supply Chain
  • Healthcare


  • Exchanges & Wallets
  • Staking
  • Yield Farming
  • Lending & Borrowing
  •  dApp Protocols

Crypto Banking

  • End-to-End Landscape
  •  Loans & Investments
  • On-Ramp/Off-Ramp
  •  Savings Accounts

Crypto Exchange & Platforms

  • Spot Exchanges
  •  Margins & Derivatives
  •  Exchange Crypto Wallets
  • Swapping

Other Web 3.0 Services

  • Social Media Marketing
    Targeted Community
    Content Marketing
    Paid Marketing
    Video Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Community Building Press Releases



To be the first choice of clients looking forward for Digital Assets Solutions over Blockchain.


To Innovate, Build and Deploy Financial Solutions on Blockchain.

FACT : As companies set to spend billions on the Metaverse over the next ten years, the most targeted group will be the young generation of Black and Hispanic adults as they make up early adopters in the space.






Meet The Founder

“Know your customers before your customers know what they want!”- Mike Johns

Mike Johns is an accomplished business leader and has a history of working on futuristic technologies that drive change. He has a knack to capture market hints and predict the course of the technological landscape across sectors. His significant work in Blockchain driven applications has positioned him as one of the most trusted advisors for the global community. Under his leadership, Digital Mind State has been recognized around the world.

Executive Team

We are pool of highly talented technocrats with problem-solving as our second nature. Working collectively, we are adept at making decisions together and steering clients and ideas in the right direction based on experience in a variety of fields.
Our services range from consulting, design, development to deployment, corporate branding, and marketing to deliver meaningful solutions to our clients.

Our Story

We’re a modern media company that proves an age-old truth: People love a brand that knows what they like. Being a part of Target has taught us a lot about media. Namely, instead of disrupting people’s lives, the media can deliver joy, mobilize and have far-reaching impact, when it’s done right.

For us, right means re-imagining the way the industry works today. It starts with seeing every customer as a guest and ourselves as a good host. One who promises to use everything they know about people to anticipate what they’ll need—and delight them with it, not just offering high value services, but changing lives for the better in the process.

This requires striking a new balance between analytics and empathy, code and common sense, IQ, and EQ. It rewards choosing platforms that reflect a brand’s long-term vision over chasing vanity metrics for quarterly reports. It leverages innovation and taps into the pulse of community and makes lasting connections to amplify results and impact.

In short, it’s the act of moving media forward by making it meaningful to all of us:
• By offering people the right messages in the right places at the right times—in ways that prioritize their privacy, intelligence, and values.
• By putting brands—and their products—in the best position to grow business, gain trust, and build lasting relationships.
• By giving agencies a clear picture of where their clients’ ads run, who they reach, and why.
• By operating on a foundation that values excellence in service, outcomes and impact.

Because at Digital Mind State, we believe media works best when it works in everyone’s best interests.


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Ice Cube’s Big3 Hires Digital Mind State

We are the bridge between digital, lifestyle & culture

We assist large to small size organization survive and thrive in the Pandemic. This Pandemic has made it crucial for every brand to sustain in the market and serve the clients. Digital Mind State is a one stop destination, we solve problems for clients like brand development, reaching more audience, boosting business growth, customer/fan satisfaction.



5% of our proceeds go to support We are Digital, a 501(c) 3 non-profit focused on promoting awareness and education in digital literacy, ethics, STEAM and The Future of Work for underserved markets global.

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