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Digital Mind State is a multi-dimensional creative agency that continues to disrupt the entertainment industry. We are rebelliously creative and innovative in our approach creating solutions for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Connecting people x brands x culture, we are united by passion to grow brands with the most cutting-edge tactics, ever imagined!

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We are the bridge between digital, lifestyle & culture

We assist large to small size organization survive and thrive in the Pandemic. This Pandemic has made it crucial for every brand to sustain in the market and serve the clients. Digital Mind State is a one stop destination, we solve problems for clients like brand development, reaching more audience, boosting business growth, customer/fan satisfaction.

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We make media personal to urban audience.

Digital Mind State realized this power and its potential over a decade ago, and have been working diligently ever since to maximize it.

Fact: mobile users value their mobile devices more than their wallets.

That said, the power of mobile advertisements must be taken seriously. Leveraging the power of technology, we make it our business to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time – in ways that resonate value, privacy, and intelligence.

At Digital Mind State we bring “flavor” to brands and their products, and help them to earn trust, build lasting relationships and grow. We provide clients with a clear picture of where their ads run, who they reach, and why.

Digital Mind State believes media works best when it works in everyone’s best interests.



We’re a modern media company that proves an age-old truth: People love a brand that knows what they like. Being a part of Target has taught us a lot about media. Namely, instead of disrupting people’s lives, the media can deliver joy—when it’s done right.

For us, the right means re-imagining the way the industry works today. It starts with seeing every customer as a guest and ourselves as a good host. One that promises to use everything it knows about people to anticipate what they’ll need—and delight them with it.

This requires striking a new balance between analytics and empathy, code and common sense, IQ, and EQ. It rewards choosing platforms that reflect a brand’s long-term vision over chasing vanity metrics for quarterly reports.

In short, it’s the act of moving media forward by making it meaningful to all of us:

★ By offering people the right messages in the right places at the right times—in ways that prioritize their privacy, intelligence, and values.

★ By putting brands—and their products—in the best position to grow business, gain trust, and build lasting relationships.

★ By giving agencies a clear picture of where their clients’ ads run, who they reach, and why.

Because at Digital Mind State, we believe media works best when it works in everyone’s best interests.


Founder's Message

“Anticipate the future and know what your customers want before they do”- Mike Johns

The digital age is an age of paradox. You are not in control of your brand anymore, those people you thought about as targets, audience, or consumers are now content creators, critics, collectors, joiners and even influential spectators.

They have an influence over the development of your brand. Your brand is personal to them. How do you invite them to the conversation? You want to learn how to listen to those sentiments and ideas that make up your brand perception and reality in the marketplace.

There is also the other side, your brand needs to have a core attitude that embodies what your company stands for. This is beyond humanization, it’s about putting a face and a personality on your business. Today, we don’t just buy a product or a service anymore, we buy how that product and service makes us feel. People pay for brands, value and trust. Trust is the new gold!

How do you enroll yourself in the conversation? Learn how to listen to your own voice. Make that represent the intent and attitude of you brand in the marketplace. What kind of proof, measurement, plans do you need to participate? Companies must learn new skills, adopt new practices, create new governing systems, and inspire new thinking in order to sustain or regain growth.


5% of our proceeds go to support I Am Digital, a 501(c) 3 non-profit focused on promoting awareness and education in digital literacy, ethics, STEAM and The Future of Work for underserved markets global.

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